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XML Comparing MALDI-ToFMass Spectrometry with Molecular and Biochemical Methods in Identifying Enterococcus Faecium and Enterococcus FaecalisIsolated from Clinical Samples
h SamadiKafil, m MohebatiMobarez , m ForouzandehMoghadam
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/91171.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/abstract1.pdf [English Abstract]
XML The Comparison of Serum Vitamins A and E in Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients with Control Group
J Hashemi, J Asadi, T Amiriani, S Beshrat, GH roshandel, HR Joshaghani
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/arthtml2.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/dd1.pdf [English Abstract]
XML Evaluation of serum magnesium in type II diabetic patients
F Niknazar , M Aberumand, R Rostami, M Seyed Tabib
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/art4.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/abs4d.pdf [English Abstract]
XML The Rate of HEP-2 Cellular Invasion of Salmonella Serogroups in Diarrhea Patients
MM Soltan Dallal , A Rahimi Forushani, K Sharifi Yazdi, B Nikmanesh, A Rastegar Lari,, A Aminharati
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/art44.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/4final.pdf [English Abstract]
XML Isolation of Lactobacilli from Dairy Products and Their Effects on the Main Pathogenic Bacteria in Stomach and Intestine
K Dorri , N Namdar, V HemayatkhahJahromi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/5spring92.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/5_final.pdf [English Abstract]
XML The Frequency of Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus 3-5-year- old Children with and without Dental Caries
Z Moulana , M Ghasem Pour, F Asghar Pour, MM Elmi, P Baghban Shaker
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/6springhtml.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/moulana.pdf [English Abstract]
XML The Prevalenceof Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated from Nasal Carriage of Surgical Ward’s Staff in ShahidrajaeeHospitalofTonekabon,Iran
MA MansouriGhiasi, A NasrollahiOmran , M Hashemi, P Rajab ZadeKanafi, M Jahangiri Rad Manjili
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/omran.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/omranspring.pdf [English Abstract]
XML Strategic Planning to Establish Quality System in Medical Laboratory
Z Rahmani, S Royani , AR Ahmadi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/royani.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/royanispring.pdf [English Abstract]
XML An Overview of theLaboratory Diagnostic Procedures of Visceral Leishmaniasis (Kala-Azar)
M Fakhar , E Ahmad Pour
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/SPRING9.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/fakhar9.pdf [English Abstract]
XML Comparison ofβhCG Serum level in mild pre-eclampsia and healthy pregnant women
A Tabandeh , H Organji, M Aarabi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/tabande.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/tabande10.pdf [English Abstract]
XML SeroepidemiologicalPrevalence of Helicobacter Pylori of the Patients Referred to the Central Laboratory in South of Tehran, 2010
A Choupani, Z Rostami, AA , A Abdullahi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/html/chopani11.htm Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_c5015c/eng_abst/emanifinal.pdf [English Abstract]
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