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Determining the status of activity of daily living (ADL) and instrumental activity of daily living (IADL) in healthy and cognitive impaired elderlies (14124 Views)
Curcumin (Extracted from Tumeric) and its Therapeutic Effects (11890 Views)
Pregnancy outcome in a woman with scleroderma and polymyositis: A case report (11216 Views)
The relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational-transactional leadership style among the heads of nursing education departments in Iranian medical universities, 2012 (10282 Views)
The Incidence of Delirium in Patients After Surgery in Recovery Room (10212 Views)
Nursing students’ awareness of triage in the emergency ward (10176 Views)
Use of data mining algorithms in assessing the affecting factors on predicting the health status of newborns (9650 Views)
Theranostics; Application of Nanosystems for Simultaneous Targeted Therapy and Imaging in Diseases (9530 Views)
Anti-human immunoglobulin G antibody production in rabbits: Comparison of intramuscular and subcutaneous methods (9473 Views)
The relationship between occupational stresses with job burnout in pre-hospital emergency staff (9178 Views)
Impacts of a health belief model-based education program about osteoporosis prevention on junior high school students’ physical activity, Kalaleh, Iran, 2012 (9077 Views)
Recovery rates of infants with cryptorchidism before 15 months of age (8971 Views)
Barriers to the success of cardiopulmonary resuscitation teams from the perspective of nurses (8886 Views)
An unusual manifestation of nasopharyngeal tumor: A case report (8591 Views)
The State of Mental Health of Students of Tehran Medical Sciences University in The Academic Year 2010-2011 (8574 Views)
Outcomes of circumcision in women: A review of existing studies (8543 Views)
Determining the fatty acid content of the most common meat products in Kermanshah, Iran (8428 Views)
The Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on The Occupational Stress of Nurses in Critical Care Units (8292 Views)
Depression and Related Factors in Female Students of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (8244 Views)
Clarifying the Clinical Experiences of the Students of Anesthesiology at Golestan University of Medical Sciences Regarding Medical Ethics in the Operating Theater (8233 Views)
The Relationship between Nursing Care Quality and Patients Satisfaction among Hospitals affiliated to Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in 2014 (8106 Views)
Selecting the most proper location to construct hospitals and health centers in a city by Genetic Algorithm (7930 Views)
Evaluating the application of performance management in Golestan University of Medical Sciences from the perspective of faculty members (7852 Views)
The effect of sex education on patients and their spouses satisfaction after myocardial infarction (7806 Views)
Cancer-related Fatigue and its Relationship with Demographic and Clinical Characteristics (7716 Views)
The Introduction and Application of Classification Tree Model for Determination of Risk Factor for Esophageal Cancer in Golestan Province (7694 Views)
Efficacy of Cognitive-behavioral Group Therapy for Depression in Patients with Brain Tumors and Increased Hope (7511 Views)
The effect of educational intervention based on health belief model on the damage caused by accidents among children less than 5 year old of women referred to health centers in Qorveh in 1392 (7459 Views)
Social anxiety, dysfunctional attitudes and body image in lovemaking of the real and virtual world among students of Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz (7395 Views)
Effect of educational intervention based on family-centered empowerment model in high risk behavior modification among patients with brucellosis (7384 Views)
Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in reducing of the amount of Citrinin fungal toxin in wheat flour (7241 Views)
The use of Holmium and Tolmium YAG Laser-assisted technologies in benign prostatic hyperplasia surgery: A health technology assessment study (7237 Views)
Head lice infestation (Pediculosis) and its associated factors in the rural school students of Kalaleh, in the academic year 1392-93 (7164 Views)
A review on different aspects of men's participation in antenatal care (7161 Views)
Evaluation of antibiotic resistance and CTX-M gene in ESBL-producing Escherichia coli by PCR among urine samples of patients reffering to Yahyanejad hospital of Babol city, Iran (7008 Views)
Review of Phthalates Exposure and Toxicity (6939 Views)
The Prevalence and the Affecting Factors of Obesity in Women of Kermanshah (6906 Views)
The status, policies and programs of nutrition among in nursing mothers: A review article (6882 Views)
Obstacles to Self-Care From The Viewpoint of TypeII Diabetic Patients and Guidelines to Remove Them (6852 Views)
Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells to Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells: An Approach Toward Retinal Degenerative Diseases Treatment (6770 Views)
Knowledge, attitude and practice of women referred to health centers of Gorgan on the determining factors of self-care (6761 Views)
Investigation of the effects of group discussion on the empowerment of patients with hypertension who were referred to two health centers in Tehran in 1390 (6633 Views)
Job satisfaction of health workers in Golestan Province based on Herzberg s model in the year 2012 (6629 Views)
The Effect of Simultaneous Incidence of Diabetes and Depression (6591 Views)
Prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women referred to health centers in Bandar Turkmen in 2013 (6534 Views)
Enhanced Th1 and Th2 immune response induction by Human Papilloma virus Type 16 E7 DNA vaccine in a tumoric murine model (6517 Views)
Demographic features of children with external hydrocephalus at Taleghani educational & treatment center (2009-2011) (6495 Views)
Causes of Infant Mortality in Kalaleh City During 2004-2012 (6433 Views)
Comparison of health promoting behaviors in the first and fourth year students of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical and non-Medical Sciences in the academic year 92-93 (6358 Views)
Study the Effect of Some Prebiotics on Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Dietary Orange Juice (6344 Views)
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